Community? Not now!

Managing a community is something very expensive, especially at the beginning where visitors are very few and most of them are perhaps made up of bots who only want to publish spam towards other sites.

For the moment, therefore, there are no plans to create some sort of community, not because we don’t want to hear the opinion of those who read us, but because at this moment we think it is more important to invest our resources in producing content.

Chipper Food pages are present on various social networks but unfortunately even when links to interesting content are published they decide not to show them simply because we do not invest in advertising.

For the moment we have stopped publishing new articles also on the various social networks but if some of them start to have a sufficiently popular profile perhaps we will resume.

We are naturally always open to suggestions, given that our first objective is to write about useful and interesting topics although, as we have always said, we are certainly not experts in the sector but simply enthusiasts of healthy eating.

We will try to give regular updates, for now we hope that Google will start to notice our pages and suggest them a bit because there is nothing sadder than writing articles that no one could read. For the moment, however, even though a month has already passed, we are still very enthusiastic.

We will try to publish at least one article a day, today is already the second, given that at the moment the only thing we can do is work hard, publish quality content.

At the moment there are no banners or any other type of advertising as our goal is to make ourselves known and the only way to do this is to publish good content and try to guarantee a good experience for our readers to ensure that we add them to their bookmarks and come back to visit us.

That’s all for this update, as mentioned we will try to publish updates from time to time to evaluate where we are going.