Middle october update

It’s probably a little early to give updates and draw the line to see where we’ve arrived and where we’re going, but it was still an opportunity to inaugurate this category of the site.

As already explained in other articles, we are currently concentrating on inserting content, hopefully of high quality, waiting for the great Google to notice us and therefore ensure that these pages reach you, the readers.

At the moment we are trying to keep the site light, clean, readable, we have not taken into consideration any form of monetization for at least a couple of reasons:

  • there are very few visitors and therefore it doesn’t make much sense to worry about this aspect at the moment
  • although we are now starting to have quite a bit of interesting content, we want to continue to give priority to the production of content
  • precisely because at the moment there are not many visitors, the site maintenance costs are low and therefore there is no rush

The project hasn’t started for a long time, so obviously the search engines still don’t trust us, and we know that the only way to earn this trust is to work hard.

After today we have probably produced at least one article for each category we have set ourselves, yes there are many, but we wanted to be free to range between various topics: obviously it is not excluded that in the future we can do a re-organization to simplify your searches.

Just talking about searches, the specific functionality is certainly starting to become useful, now that the articles are increasing, so you are free to choose how to consult our site:

  • search for articles by category
  • view the latest articles inserted
  • use the search functionality to find topics that interest you

We would like to shortly include some tools that will allow you to suggest the topics you would like to be covered to make you more involved.

At the moment comments will still remain disabled, but it is not excluded that in the future some tests may be carried out to understand if you are more human readers than spamming bots.

Probably the goal now is to get to Christmas / the end of the year, and make another evaluation: after four months and probably 200 articles we should be able to see how it is going and try to find some corrections if the direction is not what we want let’s wait.

At the moment we have abandoned our social channels, we will probably soon make some new attempts: the reason is easy to say, it takes a long time to post new content on the 10 most famous social networks, certainly not as long as writing an article, but it still takes its time, and not seeing even one reader coming from social media leads us to allocate our limited resources elsewhere.

Unfortunately, social networks like Facebook give visibility exclusively to those who spend on advertising and this is unfortunately not possible today for small projects like ours which are publishing articles for free and without any type of advertising.

In the past we have produced a lot of content, not all of it has been successful, sometimes we have given up perhaps before the time, sometimes we have insisted perhaps more than we should, it is not easy, the competition is always very strong and those do not necessarily end up on the front page who produce quality content, rather those who are better at indexing their pages on Google. For the moment we would also be content to end up on the second or third page and then try to climb to the top little by little.

So for the moment all we can do is thank you first readers and hope that one day you will be able to say that you read ChipperFood when no one knew about it.